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We all love that delicious dollop of pure desi ghee over our hot & steaming aloo parathas, right? Or be it our sarso ka saag, with the flavorsome ghee tadka of cumin, red chilly powder, and desi hing! But what’s interesting is that the desi ghee can increase its nutrient value drastically by changing its making process. Now, the majority of us are stuck in this sedentary lifestyle, where we want to consume healthily, but just don’t have the time to do so, right? Hmm.. Let us help you! We proudly present to you: Neemrana Naturals’ Bilona Desi Ghee! This range of ghee products is prepared with Age-Old Traditional Vedic Processes. More than 18 litres of milk is used to produce 1 litre of Bilona Ghee. This milk is collected in a large vessel and then put to boil. Once the milk is boiled, it’s kept aside to set for the curdling process. This curdled milk, our bilona ghee is prepared. This is done by churning the curd at regulated speed & pressure using a wooden churner known as “Bilona” (this is from where the ghee gets its name). The churning helps to separate the butter from the curd, and finally, this butter is then heated to form “Ghee”. Sounds like an exotic process, right? Let’s learn more:- Boosts Digestion & Immunity Bilona Ghee is known as the most digestible dairy fat. This ghee is loaded with Omega-3, minerals, vitamins, protein & calcium which promotes easy digestion, & enhances the immunity of the body. Healthy Skin & Hair Bilona ghee will make your skin healthier, plumper and naturally moisturized. Bilona ghee is packed with vitamins A, D, E & K which fosters the growth of hair, & gives glowing skin. Carrier for Medicines Bilona ghee is a great carrier for medicines. It is used in several herbal preparations too, such as chywanprash contains healing properties and reduces internal inflammation as well.

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